Case Study

Arla Foods 'Reaching out to the world'

The great revival is sending butter shooting up the grocery charts. People want the real stuff these days.

We work for Arla Foods who put 20kg of rich whole milk into every kilo they produce of the famous leading brand Lurpak. Likewise, we pour a lot of effort into what we do for this global company.

'Closer to Arla' in newspaper format

We began when the newly formed Arla Foods UK wanted a company newspaper to bring everyone together. Our suggested title, Fresh, hit the spot by reflecting the company's newness and the freshness of its products.

Over the years we have helped Arla with a number of other projects, including publications and annual reports for the company's milk suppliers, communication with MPs and reports into dairy possibilities in West Africa.

Arla Newspaper in different languages

Fresh was well received for more than 50 bimonthly issues until a decision to have one common publication for its global audience.

So it was goodbye Fresh, hello Closer to Arla, now produced in Hull in seven languages.

Это очень хорошая работа! That’s Russian for ‘It’s a very good job!'

A bi-monthly magazine titled 'Milk Matters'