Case Study

University of Hull

Creator of liquid crystal displays and bone density scanners, the University of Hull, the 14th oldest in England, has long been a source of local pride.

Providing ad hoc PR support for their marketing and communications team over the last few years, we have been trusted to take on complex research ideas and express them for any given audience.

We have found ourselves immersed in many other fascinating stories – from the use of minute wasps for natural crop protection, robotics, virtual reality, global warming and flooding.

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We have also worked for the University's Wilberforce Institute for Slavery and Emancipation, which is one of the world's foremost academic bodies active in this field today.

We liaised with the Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Kevin Hyland, on his visit to Hull for a public event on modern-day slavery. We represented a survivor of modern day sex slavery with the media.

A remarkable place, the University of Hull.