Jan 26, 2016
Design it, walk it, before you build it.™ Fresh makes virtual a design reality

Fresh Design International is ‘immersing’ customers in the design process following the introduction of its new virtual reality product.

The global retail design network, whose clients include Harley-Davidson®, Calvin Klein, Nike and Sephora, is enabling customers to explore their new projects using a VR headset in conjunction with specially developed software.

Design it, walk it, before you build it™ has been created by an in-house team at Fresh using gaming technology.

UK-based Simon Wardle, who is Fresh Design International’s group operating officer, said that the initial response from clients had been overwhelmingly positive. “There are clear benefits to using the technology and accessing the service directly from us as opposed to engaging a third party,” he said.

“Our customers can work with us throughout the whole design and build process. Using the technology, they are able to get a true sense of spatial awareness, ‘walking’ around the space from room to room, viewing its proportions and the details of the fixtures and fittings. They can see it from a myriad viewpoints and print off unlimited views,” he said.

“Design it, walk it, before you build it™ is about using virtual reality as part of the total design package for practical purposes, ultimately saving time and money.”

Fresh Design International, which started in the UK in 2005, also has offices in the USA, Brazil, Japan, South Africa and Mexico, with others soon to be opened in Eastern Europe, North America and the Far East. It has worked on more than 300 Harley-Davidson® stores in 51 countries.

Simon said that the Fresh Design International network was focusing on developing virtual reality products and solutions for its global client base.

“We are working with big brand names to develop ideas for introducing virtual reality in store.

“We see virtual reality as a key growth area as it has massive potential for enhancing the customer experience,” he said. “It is enabling our business to evolve into retail experience design adding value to our retail environment design offer.

“It will be fascinating seeing how the retail sector adopts it and how their customers respond,” he added.

Fresh Design International is also working with academics to combine augmented reality and artificial intelligence into a product that can be developed for wider application.