May 26, 2016
Hull textile software specialists weave US business success

A Hull company is flexing its muscles stateside after winning deals worth a total of $1.5m (£1.02m).

Reflex Data is a leading provider of enterprise resource planning software to the textiles industry. It serves some of the UK’s most prestigious home furnishings and wallpaper brands with its specialist Mertex software which helps manufacturers achieve greater operational efficiency and profitability.

And now the company, which employs around 40 people at its Priory Park headquarters, is making a splash across the pond with its niche product and services. New York-based fabric and wallpaper brands Carnegie, Swavelle Mill Creek, Zoffany and Pollack Associates have signed up to Mertex – with the prospect of further business to come.

Managing director Jerry Alcock said: “In the UK, Mertex is widely recognised as the industry standard and is used by most of the major home furnishings and wallpaper manufacturers. Its success is due to it being developed to meet the specific business needs that are unique to the industry.

“Our success in the UK has attracted a growing interest from companies in Europe, Australia, and in particular the US, which is proving to be very successful for us, especially with companies based in and around New York and the East Coast States.”

Mr Alcock said that the company had made a significant investment, both financially and in resources, to achieve business growth overseas.

“Our initial success was due to a combination of factors such as engagement with UKTI’s Passport to Export programme, identifying key prospects, investing in new marketing collatoral, and multiple visits to the USA.

“Securing these new clients and attracting a number of prospective clients demonstrates that our strategy is starting to deliver.”

Mr Alcock added that Reflex Data was currently engaging with its US customers and prospects from the UK and he recognised that as the client base grows it will be necessary to establish a base in the US with its own pool of resources to complement the UK team.

“We are investing to ensure we continue to provide the levels of support and customer service that has been pivotal to the company’s success in the UK,” he said.

“We’re looking forward to a fruitful relationship with Carnegie, Swavelle Mill Creek and Pollack Associates and believe that the US market will provide many further opportunities for us to grow the business.”

Reflex Data, which was established in 1987, also has over 80 customers in the UK, including Harlequin, Sanderson, Designers Guild and Zoffany.