Jun 10, 2016
Lincolnshire University student joins Mapa for a week of work experience

Callie Sowerby, from the University of Lincoln, joined the Mapa PR team for some work experience this week. What better time than to have her come during business week. See how she got on below.

‘My time at Mapa’

“I have just finished a week’s worth of work experience at Mapa PR, which has been an incredible and unforgettable experience. My week has been filled with excitement, learning and inspiration!

In such a short space of time I have gained a vast knowledge about the industry, which I could never have learnt or experienced from a lecture room.

I have been made to feel like a member of the team here at Mapa; from sitting in client meetings, to attending networking events and being apart of projects for their clients.

I have been given the opportunity to network, write press releases and news stories, tracking media coverage for clients, carrying out research, proof reading documents and to suggest content for their website.

Catherine Ackroyd, the director of Mapa, was generous enough to invite me to do my work experience during Humber Business Week, which has given me the opportunity to attend networking events with businesses across the Humber and also customer service and creative business talks. It has also allowed me to engage with various businesses on social media regarding the events of the business week.

The team at Mapa have been nothing but welcoming, caring and guiding throughout my time here. They put their confidence in me and allowed me to get hands on experience, which I can not thank them enough for.

The week has flown by! However, they do say time flies when your having fun. My time at Mapa has inspired me to fulfil a career in PR in the future, which is priceless to me!”

Callie Sowerby