Oct 18, 2016
Pollack signs up to world leading textiles software
Susan Whalen, vice president, operations at Pollack

New York textiles business Pollack – well known for its fine art credentials and design integrity – is turning to a world leading ERP software provider to achieve its long-term aims.

The company has gone to the UK for the specialist Mertex software from Reflex Data Systems, which is dominant in home markets and sees the United States as a major route to expansion.

When first meeting Reflex in 2009, Pollack was not ready to take the plunge. But subsequent events ─ such as the merger with high-end wallcovering firm Weitzner two years later ─ have highlighted the need for the agile Mertex software, which is constantly updated to keep pace with the fast moving textiles industry.

Susan Whalen, vice president, operations, explained that a recent focus has been on reorganisation and infrastructure, including almost doubling warehouse and sampling space to 56,000sq ft after moving operations from New York to Jersey City. The company continues to maintain headquarters in Manhattan’s SoHo neighbourhood and a trade showroom in the prestigious Decoration and Design Building.

"It was time to look at the company's systems ─ we had three separate programs running our business, which was far from ideal," she said.

"It was a major decision that we took only after due diligence and visiting a number of Reflex clients in the UK. We chose Mertex because it is developed with textile clients and designed specifically for this industry."

Susan said the various Mertex modules would transform Pollack’s business with advantages including vastly improving warehouse management processes through barcoding and stock management. She added that the Reflex Analytics module would play an important role by allowing quick access to client and business performance information on any computer or phone, anywhere in the world.

"Our end game is a system with a fully integrated ecommerce platform," she said.

Pollack, founded in 1988, carries out 85 per cent of its business in the US, including both residential and commercial clients.

Amy Soule, vice president, marketing, said: "Our aim is to offer very-high-quality textiles that appeal to a variety of design perspectives and applications. That quality goes beyond the product itself ─ we put great thought and consideration into everything we do, from designing to shipping.

"Mertex will enhance our business and help our customers have a seamless experience."

Jerry Alcock, Reflex Data Systems' managing director, said that Pollack's decision to go with Mertex further evidenced the company's deep understanding of the textiles market.

As a fully integrated system, Mertex enables companies to increase sales and profitability by improving operational efficiency. It provides real-time information and enables wholesalers and manufacturers to manage every aspect of a product's journey to market, including purchasing, warehousing, manufacturing and sales.


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Reflex Data

Reflex Data is an established supplier of ERP software and services to the textile and fabrics industry, with a track record of ensuring customers get the best return from their investment.

Established in 1987, the company is the developer of the market leading software Mertex which looks after all customers’ needs including: the manufacture or purchase of greige cloth; barcoded inventory management; warehouse picking and control, financial accounting and sales order processing. Mertex also has the latest in business analytics and iPad technology.

Reflex Data has huge industry knowledge and a worldwide customer base.