Hull – city of music, city of poetry, city of fish, blitzed to bits unnamed wartime city, city of hope – Hull is, or has been, all these things.

We have always been close to the ongoing regeneration of the UK's gateway to northern Europe.

We worked with five public agencies on an award winning prospectus about Hull and the investment opportunities.

Our relationship with Hull City Council began with a mass circulation magazine for which we provided the concept, design and the writing and production skills. The government held it up as an example to other local authorities.

We have written thousands of words about the region, its unique features and its people and we are working with Hull UK City of Culture to promote 2017 and its legacy.

Away from Hull, one of our major public sector jobs was with the NHS Yorkshire and the Humber's Altogether Better programme which aimed to unlock the power of communities to transform the lives of hard to reach groups.

We used a creative approach to raise its profile and help to influence policy and practice at a national level.