It’s all about knowing how to communicate the right messages, in the right tone of voice, to the right audiences ­ – whether to customers, investors, employees or other stakeholders.

It’s about being clear and about building good will and a good reputation.

This is at the heart of everything we do, whether that be creating a strong media presence, a multi-channel marketing strategy, producing corporate literature, running digital and social media campaigns or designing a website.

It all comes back to positioning your brand, communicating its values and integrating the key messages into your business narrative.

Mapa’s team of PR experts can help you uncover the secret strengths of your brand and we’ll find the stories that makes your company special. Then we'll help you create a strategy to increase your sales and win new business.

We'll also help protect your brand, monitoring how your business is received in the online and offline world and reacting quickly to any reputational issues.

Our services: