Nov 16, 2015
Lincolnshire Waste Oil opens new city depot

Family firm Lincolnshire Waste Oil Ltd has entered a joint venture that secures outlets for the waste it collects and will enable it to expand its level of service to local businesses. The company has opened a licensed waste transfer station on Lincoln’s Whisby Way industrial estate in partnership with RE:Group of Hull. The development includes storage tanks, a yard and offices. Waste oil collected from Lincolnshire and neighbouring counties is bulked up into storage tanks for collection before processing at RE:Group’s recovery operation.

“The logistics of the new facility frees up a lot of extra time to spend on collections offering an economical and convenient way to dispose of used oil and other waste ”, said Lincolnshire Waste Oil managing director Rob Donald. “Large quantities of waste oil are out there with the potential to damage the environment if incorrectly handled. Our service can give customers peace of mind that the waste is being consigned in full compliance with UK legislation.” Mr Donald started Lincolnshire Waste Oil in 2000 and his sons, Tom, 28, and Ben, 26, having joined the business over the last few years as it has expanded.

To complete the family firm, Mr Donald’s wife, Charmaine, is company secretary. Collections are from businesses, ranging from factories and oceangoing ships, to farms and owner operators, such as small garages. As part of a management programme for associated hazardous industrial and garage waste, Lincolnshire Waste Oil also deals with antifreeze, brake fluid, oily water and paint, and solid waste such as oil filters, aerosols and lead acid batteries.

“As part of our service we can supply containers in a range of sizes for customers to fill with this additional waste,” said Mr Donald. “We make frequent collections from some customers while for others, such as farmers, it may be once every few years. “The joint venture is a major step forward in our company’s development,” Mr Donald added.

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