Jan 09, 2017
10 tips on successful press release writing

Here are 10 tips to help you get started with writing your press release:

1. First of all, does your story have sufficient news value to merit a press release? That depends on the outlets you are targeting, but some research is worthwhile.

2. If you believe it has, start writing. Get to the point of the story straightaway. Be factually accurate.

3. Don’t be long-winded. Strike a natural tone.

4. Don’t use unnecessary capital letters. They hinder reading and can even look pompous.

5. Know your audience. For a general readership, consider if you need to explain technical terms.

6. Check you have included all key facts: this is most important. These include the ‘Ws'….what, why, where, when. Include full names and job titles (lower case letters, please.)

7. Write a headline to catch the editor’s eye.

8. Re-read your release very carefully to check that it really does say what you mean it to say.

9. Normally, email your release, in the browser, not as an attachment. Bear in mind that emails can be overlooked in the flow of traffic and consider checking with recipients they’ve got it. Add your contact details.

10. Cultivate good relations with media outlets. You want to be a trusted source, one that understands their needs.

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