Feb 20, 2017
Producing an effective newsletter...
Nippon Gohsei internal newsletter

This is about printed and electronic newsletters.

In the crowded modern world of communications, offering various new ways to promote your business, print is still relevant.

It can stand out amongst the flood of social media. It's more expensive, but for many audiences more meaningful, like a proper Christmas card versus an e-card.

Once the main way to communicate, it's now part of the overall mix. All these different tools can be part of an effective marketing or employee communications strategy.

We produce newsletters that are distributed in print and electronically, showing how well different formats work together.

We like both. Newsletters are a great way to showcase your company and products or to keep employees fully involved.

Print or electronic, there are certain things you need to attend to:

  1. Most importantly, you want people to read your publication, so make it relevant and interesting.
  2. Write in a straightforward, unambiguous way.
  3. Tap into the skills of your colleagues, but warn them their contributions may be edited.
  4. Pictures are essential – readers usually look at them before the headline. Encourage whoever's taking them to be creative.
  5. Always caption your pictures unless it's obviously not necessary to do so.
  6. Use bright, pertinent headlines.
  7. Have plenty of points of interest in your newsletter, mixing longer stories with brief items.
  8. Don't be careless with spell-checkers and read the proofs to avoid typos.
  9. Appearance matters so aim for a clean, logical design. Choose complementary typefaces and don't go mad with the colour palette.
  10. If printing, use good quality paper. It won't cost much more unless you want thousands of copies. 

For newspaper and newsletter information, please contact us at Mapa PR on 01482 976976 or team@mapapr.co.uk. We were double gold winners in the national company newspaper competition.