Jan 06, 2017
A word about a word to avoid in a press release

You might have noticed in press releases that everyone is delighted – ‘I’m delighted to get this job’, 'We’re delighted to get the go-ahead’ 'Everyone is delighted’ etc.

So it’s a good idea to avoid the formulaic. 

The road to this apparently straightforward communications tool getting into the media is rockier than you might imagine though.

A red-hot story will make the headlines easily enough and your role will be more about news management than pitching it to the media.

Lesser stories also make their mark, but a creative touch will help them to be noticed. Concise 'getting to the point’ writing, inclusion of all relevant information and a headline on the crux of the story will appeal to editors. Aim to make press releases 'print ready’.

And when you see your story in lights, you will have every reason to be …. delighted.

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