Jan 10, 2017
First week of Made in Hull

All the excitement last week in Hull City Centre got in the way of work somewhat. I thought Martin Green summed it up nicely yesterday morning on BBC Radio Humberside when he said that the city wouldn’t be able to cope with a year-long celebration the size of the Hull 2017 opening week.

But what a week it was and certainly one for the history books.

Everything seemed to fall into place so nicely – even the weather was mostly kind.   

I’ve heard very few moans (there will always be someone) amongst the din of people expressing their astonishment at the scenes in Queen Victoria Square and the Deep.

It was a brilliant example of what can be achieved by celebrated local and international artists collaborating – an intense and emotional sensory experience.

This wasn’t Hull pretending to be something it’s not – far too often this has been the misguided approach by people trying to market Hull. This thoughtfully curated event celebrated what makes us different. We stood out and I think many locals will have been left with a much greater sense of pride.

And just when we thought the party was over, a 75-metre wind turbine blade arrives in the middle of the night so we woke up to a huge surprise.

Thank you. Well done.